Amazon's first Fire TV games include in-house titles and Minecraft (update: video)

Amazon's new Fire TV media hub may be focused on video, but it's going to have a significant game roster -- including some examples from the company itself. Amazon Game Studios is building more than a dozen titles for the set-top box that include Sev Zero, a Gears of War-like sci-fi shooter. You'll have some third-party games to choose from, of course, such a special port of Minecraft Pocket Edition, a Monsters Inc. endless runner, the arcade racer Asphalt 8 and You Don't Know Jack. "Thousands" of games will be available within a month, and you'll see software from major developers like Ubisoft and Take-Two. While you shouldn't count on Fire TV replacing your PS4 or Xbox One anytime soon, it's evident that you won't be hurting for things to play.

Update: Amazon has posted a video teasing some of the Fire TV and Kindle Fire games that it's working on. Check it out below!

Update 2: Want to see the complete list of launch apps and games for the Fire TV? Check them out here.