Sky's new 'Buy & Keep' movie store ties a DVD to every download

After years serving only movie rentals, Sky is to finally let Sky Store customers download and keep films in its catalog. Following an earlier expansion that saw it open the marketplace to everyone in the UK, the media giant today confirmed the launch of its "Buy & Keep" streaming service, complete with a physical twist. Differentiating itself from Amazon Instant Video, which offers the opposite service the US, the company will let Sky TV subscribers not only retain copies of 200+ digital movies on offer, it'll also send the original disc through the post too. The DVD (not Blu-ray) will be included in the original price, which will range from £7.99 to £13.99 at launch. Customers with connected Sky+HD boxes will be the first to take advantage of the new service when it goes live in the "coming weeks," rolling out to smartphones and tablets later in the year. Sky says it will also expand "Buy & Keep" to those without a subscription in the future, launching a multi-pronged attack against its UK rivals when it does.