The Behemoth offers aid to indies with The Research Centaur, Gold Egg

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The Behemoth offers aid to indies with The Research Centaur, Gold Egg
In the indie world, Castle Crashers studio The Behemoth lives up to its name, and now it's using that awesome reach to benefit the larger development community. Two new divisions, The Research Centaur and the Gold Egg Project, aim to help out smaller studios by providing QA resources and financial support, respectively.

The Research Centaur offers The Behemoth's user experience and QA teams to a limited number of outside studios at a time. So far, The Research Centaur has helped out Supergiant Games on Transistor and Bastion iOS, Capybara Games on Super Time Force and Alientrap on Apotheon.

The Gold Egg Project is an alternative funding source for developers that The Behemoth hand-picks out of gaming competitions and general buzz. Developers don't apply to become a recipient of the Gold Egg Project; The Behemoth simply keeps its eye on competitions and contacts developers they find promising. The Gold Egg has helped out Tyler Glaiel and Jon Schubbe on Closure, and it's currently providing aid to Asteroid Base for its adorable death-dealing game, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime.

"Born out of necessity and past experience, it provides an optional lifeboat in the sea of scary options currently out there," The Behemoth says. "It's your game, we just clear the roadblocks. No strings attached."
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