EE, Orange and T-Mobile phone bills set to rise on May 28th

If you missed the postman this morning, then we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you might be returning home to a letter detailing an imminent increase to your monthly mobile phone bill. As of May 28th, customers on EE's 4G network or the 3G sub-brands Orange and T-Mobile will be expected to fork out another 2.7 percent on top of what they're already paying each month -- the charges for anything beyond your allowance will go up slightly, too. We'll leave you to crunch the numbers, but basically the price hike is in line with inflation, meaning you kind of agreed you'd be cool with it when signing those T&Cs you read so thoroughly. If you want to cancel your contract, then, we're afraid you'll be paying early termination fees. If you signed a new contract or upgraded after January 23rd this year, however, then nothing's going to change for you. Under Ofcom's rules -- the ones O2 ain't following -- anyone in that situation could exit their contract scot-free, and EE'd likely prefer the business. If only our data caps rose with inflation, too.