Daily App: Rormix brings indie music videos to your iPhone and iPad


Aspiring musicians have several ways to promote their music. One tool new to the scene is Rormix, which focuses not on music but on music videos. The app recently received a major overhaul making it easier to find new artists that match your taste in music.

Rormix's biggest change is a new music scanning feature that combs through your iTunes music library and picks Rormix videos based on your preference in music. A tagging feature makes the music curation even better by allowing users to add tags for well-known acts to their favorite indie music video. For example, an indie acoustic performer can be tagged with David Gray, while an alternative band could be tagged with Red Hot Chili Peppers.


Other new features include a new bio page for artists that allow them to share their background and musical aspirations with their fans. This makes the experience a bit more personal, allowing users to see the person(s) behind the music video.


Rormix has all the common features you would expect in a music discovery tool. You can follow artists on Rormix, like a music video, and browse through a feed of fresh or trending content. About the only thing missing is a "related artists" option that pulls together artists that are similar. Rormix instead uses categories and tags to aggregate similar content, which you can use to find related artists that you may enjoy.

Rormix is available for free from the iOS App Store. It's available for the iPhone and requires iOS 7. There are no ads, but it does require a login if you want to use the social features of the app. A non-login option allows you to browse through the music videos without creating an account.