Ever wonder what would happen if you microwaved your iPhone?

microwaved iphone

There are a lot of ways to destroy an iPhone by accident: Dropping it on a hard surface from a good distance, letting it slip out of your breast pocket and into the toilet, or forgetting it on the roof of your car are all fine choices. But nobody has ever microwaved their iPhone on accident, but you can bet your life that there are plenty of people who have done it anyway. Here are the results:

  • Here we have an iPhone 5 getting the old "microwave outdoors" treatment. This is how most of these types of videos are shot, and this particular iPhone has been through a lot of torture even before this "test" begins.

  • This iPhone, which is the 3G/3GS plastic model, melts satisfyingly in a pool of flaming Apple lava.

  • Some sparks and then a full-on firestorm. The fact that this one was shot in what appears to be a normal kitchen makes it even more disconcerting.

  • An already dismantled iPhone 5 gets its various parts microwaved... for science. Lots of sparks and then a massive cloud of some toxic smoke that would surely mess up your lungs.

Oh, and don't try any of this at home. If you have an iPhone you need to get rid of, there's a good chance you can score a few bucks for it somewhere out there.