Toyota's Sports Drive Logger lets you relive real life races in Gran Turismo

Imagine this: you just rounded the final bend of the Fuji Speedway International Course. Pedal jammed against the floorboard, you're neck and neck with Jenson Button, eying the finish line. Let's face the facts, you'll never actually race Jenson, but you can use Toyota's new Sports Drive Logger to hone in your skills just like he does. To use the Sports Drive Logger, you'll need to A), own a Toyota GT86 sports car and B), have access to certain race tracks in Japan (the Fuji Speedway International Course, the Tsukuba Circuit 2000 Course, and the Suzuka Circuit International Course). Meet those requirements, and you can use the accessory to record your race digitally and replay it within Gran Turismo 6 on PS3.

Similar to the Corvette data recorder we saw at CES, the device captures real-life laps and vehicle data (GPS location, pedal input, steering angles and the like) onto a USB flashdrive, then builds a digital representation of your performance that's recreated in-game. And judging by the video (after the break), it's surprisingly accurate. You can even race against friends and pros alike to learn the fastest way round the track.

The device will launch in Japan only for $900 on June 2nd, which makes sense given that the first three courses supported are found in the land of the rising sun. Thankfully, Toyota does have plans to add more circuits in the future. For folks who prefer other tracks, Toyota says that they're in the works -- speed is king, but patience is a virtue, people.