Dropbox brings the popular Mailbox email app to Android and desktop

Dropbox is proclaiming that it's ready to launch "a new chapter," but what exactly does that mean for the cloud storage king? In addition to its ability to combine business and personal storage accounts, Dropbox also announced that its Mailbox mobile mail app is now on Android -- it'll be available on Google Play starting today for free.

It's not just a straight translation of the iOS original, either. A totally new Auto-swipe feature has been added to mix, which allows the app to learn about the emails you archive and defer until later so it acts appropriately when similar missives hit your inbox down the road. The company also showed off a preview of Mailbox for Desktop as well, although it's not quite ready for primetime yet; if you want to take a peek as soon as it's available, you can sign up for the limited beta.

Orchestra, the company behind Mailbox, was acquired by Dropbox a little over a year ago, and we've heard rumors that the iOS-only app would be making its way to other platforms. The fact that Dropbox is now extending it to Android and the desktop is a solid indicator that the app, which became popular early on because of its ease of use and buzz-inspiring waiting list, is continuing to grow and that the company has a lot of faith in its future.