Hear Palmer Luckey explain why Oculus VR joined Facebook

Last month's news that Facebook bought startup Oculus VR for $2 billion spurred many loud and often furious reactions from gamers and especially those who participated in the project's initial Kickstarter. If you're among those wondering what's next for Oculus and haven't been convinced by the written words of founder Palmer Luckey and others (including John Carmack and Sony's Shuhei Yoshida), perhaps hearing them will make a difference. tracked down Luckey at the PAX East event today and got him on camera talking about Oculus and Facebook. As he's expressed before, Luckey says the plan is to "promote the long-term adoption of virtual reality, not short-term financial returns." In his words "the games industry is the only industry that's really well equipped to build interactive immersive 3D worlds," so don't expect the focus of Oculus to suddenly change now that it's in cahoots with Zuckerberg and company. So, after a couple of weeks to think about it -- and the addition of notable former Valve / iD software employee Mike Abrash to the Oculus team -- how do you feel about the acquisition now?

(Iribe/Luckey Photo:Ana Venegas/The Orange County Register/