Watch SpaceX's ambitious launch of a reusable rocket (update: launch scrubbed)

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Sean Buckley
April 14th, 2014
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Watch SpaceX's ambitious launch of a reusable rocket (update: launch scrubbed)

Haste makes waste, and you have to move awfully fast to break out of Earth's atmosphere. After today, however, space travel might be a tad more sustainable. SpaceX is testing a new, reusable version of its Falcon 9 rocket today. The test is tacked on to the company's regularly scheduled cargo mission, which carts supplies to the International Space Station -- but today's capsule will be pushed into orbit by a modified rocket featuring four large landing legs.

The new design is supposed to break off during launch and slow its decent with a re-entry engine, eventually landing safely in the ocean to await recovery. Think of it as the natural evolution of the company's "Grasshopper" vertical takeoff and landing tests. If the recovery technology can be successfully developed, SpaceX says that it'll save millions of dollars on every launch. Unfortunately, there's only about a 30 to 40-percent chance of success. Either way, NASA is broadcasting the attempt at 3:45 PM ET today.

Update: Scratch that, NASA just announced that the launch has been scrubbed. According to the organization's Twitter, it'll try again at 3:29pm ET this Friday.

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