The BBC wants you to binge-watch its new BBC Three series on iPlayer

Matt Brian
M. Brian|04.16.14

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The BBC isn't due to transition BBC Three to an online-only channel until late next year, but that isn't stopping it from testing the waters first. The Beeb confirmed today that for the first time, it will make a complete series available on BBC iPlayer before airing it on TV, allowing you to indulge in a Netflix-style binge (should you so wish). All six episodes of Chris Lilley's Jonah From Tonga, a new show from the Australian comedian behind Angry Boys and Summer Heights High, will go live on iPlayer from May 2nd for 48 hours. It'll then be broadcast on BBC Three from May 8th. While critics believe the BBC's decision to take the popular TV channel online will be "bad for comedy", it'll ultimately be up to the public to decide whether it was right to do so.

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