Ford's Skyliner concept is like a private jet for the road

Zach Honig
Z. Honig|04.16.14

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Ford's Skyliner concept is like a private jet for the road

If you had $40 million to spend on a ultra-lux vehicle, you might opt for a (pre-owned) Gulfstream V. VIPs on a tighter budget could instead pick up this decked-out Ford van, which comes complete with incredibly comfy leather seats, a Crestron home (or van) automation system, a 52-inch drop-down projection screen with Kaleidescape media server, and plenty of other goodies like maple flooring, a bar with fridge, multi-color LEDs around the roof, individual reading lights (like you'd get on that private jet) and integrated WiFi. You can even add a set of matching luggage.

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Don't expect to roll up to your neighborhood Ford dealer and drive one of these home, though. It's an in-house concept for now, though you can probably commission an after-market dealer to build something similar. Ford's not talking pricing, but considering the on-board modifications, you might be looking at close to seven figures if you wish to whip up a state-of-the-art creation of your own. See (and hear) what that kind of money can buy you in our hands-on video below.

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