Wave your hands like you just don't care to control videos on Vimeo

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Wave your hands like you just don't care to control videos on Vimeo

There's never been a better time to just kick back and watch whatever you want, what with the many ways in which content can be consumed nowadays. And if you enjoy watching videos on Vimeo, things are about to get even easier. The company recently announced that its Couch Mode feature is now friendly with the Leap Motion controller, allowing you to take over media commands by simply using your hands. A circle gesture with your finger can fast-forward or rewind; tap your finger in the air to play or pause; and swiping gets you to the next video.

Vimeo introduced Couch Mode back in 2010, a YouTube Leanback-like feature that lets you watch a video playlist in full-screen mode on your browser, one right after the other. If you have a Leap Motion controller at your disposal, give it a try and let us know in the comments below what you think of it. Or maybe just tell us if anyone's looked at you funny in the process of doing this.

[Image credit: Vimeo]

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