Adorable Japanese gadget saves canines from becoming hot dogs

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Adorable Japanese gadget saves canines from becoming hot dogs

It's almost that time of year, y'all: dog season! "What's dog season?" you ask? Well, duh: it's the time of year when we spend as many waking hours as possible outside with our pooches, throwing balls and frolicking. No snark here, folks -- we've got nothing but love for man's best friend. And if you're anything like us, you know that it can get awfully hot out there for an excited dog covered in a year-round fur coat. Dog lovers in parts of Japan have it especially hard this time of year, with oppressive heat and humidity dominating the summer months, which is where Petline's Heat Index Checker for Dogs comes in. The device attaches to dog collars or cages, and monitors the environment where it's placed. Should the situation get too hot under the collar (or cage), the device lights up and buzzes to alert owners. There's even a human mode for monitoring your own environment.

For now, the device is Japan-only, and it arrives early next month for 4,980 yen ($50). There's a great video of it in action right here, and Petline's website is right here if you're looking to grab one in a few weeks.

Being dog lovers, we also suggest keeping your pooch(es) well-hydrated, and getting plenty of shade on extra hot days. And belly rubs. So, so many belly rubs.

(Image: AP Photo/Richard Vogel)

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