Engadget Podcast 394 - 4.25.14

Ben and Terrence are serving up a big bureaucratic burrito this week, chock full of net neutrality, legalese and corporate self-interest. To help you digest this gut-buster of a mind meal, we've enlisted Engadget's Editor-in-chief and self-proclaimed armchair attorney Michael Gorman. It's refreshing to know that the Supreme Court is having an intelligent discussion about Aereo's conflict with the big wigs in broadcast TV, but the outcome is anyone's guess at this point. As always, laws are laden with doublespeak and nebulous terms, leaving lots of wiggle room for greedy corporations that favor the bottom line over customers desires. Please join us for this week's lawyerly edition of the Engadget Podcast.

Hosts: Terrence O'Brien, Ben Gilbert

Guest: Michael Gorman

Producer: Jon Turi

Hear the podcast:

04:41 - FCC claims it hasn't abandoned net neutrality at all, opens a new inbox for comments
23:26 - What you need to know about Aereo's battle with broadcast television
35:05 - The Supreme Court heard Aereo's case, whether they understood it could mean everything

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