This ad uses Oculus Rift to show how internet lag could ruin making brunch

We've seen some pretty nutty uses (and a very sentimental one) for the Oculus Rift so far, but a Swedish ISP's might take the cake. For two days, Umea Energi had four people strap on one of the VR headsets rigged with a webcam and a Raspberry Pi, in an effort to illustrate what it'd be like if internet lag invaded real-life activities. The outfit had the lab rats do everyday stuff like go to aerobics class, make breakfast and play ping-pong while wearing the get-up and a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. It's bananas; we know! The results are pretty hilarious -- failed attempts at cracking eggs and dropping crêpe batter onto a griddle, in particular. There's a first-person view of the shenanigans too, but if you're prone to motion-sickness it's probably best to steer clear. The Oculus dev kit's second version features a powered USB port on top of it, so let's hope that this type of experiment isn't the last.