Vita shooter Velocity Ultra free this week on PlayStation Plus

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Vita shooter Velocity Ultra free this week on PlayStation Plus
FuturLab's Velocity Ultra is this week's featured addition to the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection, giving subscribers a chance to check out an underrated PS Vita gem free of charge.

Velocity Ultra is both a vertically scrolling shoot-'em-up and a frantically paced puzzler, challenging players to warp back and forth throughout each level to rescue survivors and uncover hidden collectibles. We liked it quite a bit, even though the final few trophies remain elusive. Drat those impossible high-speed levels!

Plus subscribers get an additional round of discounts throughout PSN's Golden Week sale, starting tomorrow. This week is also the last chance for PlayStation Plus members to pick up free copies of Mercenary Kings on the PlayStation 4 and the PS3 version of Batman: Arkham City before both games return to full price next Tuesday.

[Image: FuturLab]
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