Acer's first smartwatch, the Liquid Leap, is coming later this year

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Dana Wollman
April 29th, 2014
Acer's first smartwatch, the Liquid Leap, is coming later this year

Blink and you would've missed it: in the middle of a big press event here in New York, Acer very quickly (and very casually) revealed it's going to be entering the smartwatch space later this year. The Liquid Leap, as it's known, is a narrow, 17mm-wide band, designed specifically to appeal to both men and women (not naming names, but ahem, Pebble). According to an Acer rep, the touchscreen wearable blends both fitness and more "traditional" smartwatch features (think: notifications). Even then, it's unclear whether those fitness features will be nominal, or if this will be a veritable Gear Fit competitor that tries to do well at both. What we do know is that this will initially be sold as part of a bundle with Acer's forthcoming 5-inch Liquid Jade smartphone (no details there, sorry). Additionally, the Acer rep we spoke to indicated the watch would arrive in a "test market" first -- likely Asia. Until it launches, then, your guess about the final product is as good as ours.
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