You can now use Chromecast to share your Google Drive Presentation

Google's inexpensive dongle can do a lot of things. Whether it be streaming music or a variety of video programming, the Chromecast is capable of handling it all -- and don't forget live TV is coming soon, too. But while having these entertainment options is nice, sometimes you have to be, you know, productive. Thankfully, it looks like you can start using the $35 dongle to send some of your work to a separate screen near you.

As spotted by Android Police, Google has quietly added an option within Drive that lets you push your Presentation to Chromecast. We looked into it ourselves and can confirm that said feature is indeed there, via the "Present on another device" menu. Technically, you could already do something similar by simply casting the entire browser, but this gives you an alternative that's actually optimized for Presentations. And don't be surprised by the fact there hasn't been a formal announcement, since Google's been known to do things unexpectedly from time to time. Either way, you can give it a try now -- just be sure to have the Cast extension installed, as you'll need that in order for this to work.