Square introduces 'Pickup' for simple online purchases

Since its inception in 2009, that little white payment dongle has snuck into small businesses everywhere, making plastic a less costly proposition for the little guy. Today, it's taking another step toward small business ubiquity with "Pickup," which, fittingly, is a service that enables customers to purchase goods online for pickup in stores at the time of their choosing. The service gives sellers a free online market place and, as with its other products, the barrier to entry is nearly non-existent; the service is free to setup and the fee per purchase is 2.75 percent until July 1st, at which point it will go up to a standard 8 percent. Jack Dorsey's other baby is also enabling offline purchasing via its Register app for those gasp-inducing moments when the internet goes dead; a welcome addition for anyone who's ever had their dreams of an artisan cupcake crushed by faulty WiFi.