'Towerfall,' OUYA's most popular game, only sold 7,000 copies

If you're looking for a metric for the OUYA's (lack of) success, then the developer behind one of the platform's best selling games can help you out. Towerfall creator Matt Thorson has revealed that despite being the number-one title on the Android platform, the game has sold a measly 7,000 copies. In a conversation with Eurogamer, the developer said that the title was a smash hit on PS4, with PC sales coming in a close second, but added that "being the best game on OUYA isn't a huge deal, but it is nice" -- ouch. In response, OUYA's CEO Julie Uhrman has said that her company "helped put Towerfall and Matt on the map," adding that the company is "finding the next great developers and making them household names." That said, we suspect that since PS4 and PC sales account for nearly 80 percent of Thorson's $500,000 in revenue, we imagine the next great developer might just choose to bypass OUYA entirely.