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Edward Snowden's OS of choice, the Linux-based Tails, is now out of beta

Edward Snowden knows better than most how effectively the NSA can scope us online, so that's why he used the Amnesiac Incognito Live System (Tails) to cover his own whistleblowing. That OS is now out of beta as version 1.0, letting you surf on most PCs while leaving zero trace of your activities. Its anonymizing apps include email and IM clients, an office suite, a web browser, image and sound editors and the infamous Tor anonymity network system. There's no need for an installation, as it can run from a USB key, DVD or SD card independently of your existing OS, without touching your hard drives. If you've used the app before, the (anonymous) developers are advising you to grab the new release, as there are a host of security and bug fixes.