This is what Amazon's phone looks like

BGR has posted what it touts as the very first real pics -- OK, renders -- of Amazon's still-unannounced smartphone. If you'll remember the bits we've already heard and seen, one of the phone's most notable features is the inclusion of six cameras: four positioned across the face to enable the 3D and gestures of the OS. The above image certainly seems to confirm the earlier leaks with the position of the screws on the bottom and the smallest hint of the cameras on the face tying up the known details quite nicely. While the pictures finally offer us a better peek at the whole device, material choices are still a mystery. The face and back definitely appear to be glass with a thin metal bezel transitioning into a clown-shoe bumper. We'd also suggest that the back is a tad smaller than the face potentially offering a better fit when in-hand. With just about a month until the big unveil, we'd expect this handset to be completely polished long before the party.