The BBC's World Cup Rewind will let you stream classic matches 'live'

Updated ·1 min read

Like us, you might be unreasonably excited for the start of the 2014 World Cup. The BBC knows this more than anyone, so it's banking on the streaming technology it used for the 2012 London Olympics to deliver full "live" coverage of some of the home nations' biggest World Cup matches from years past. The BBC World Cup Rewind will include the 1966 England vs West Germany World Cup Final, Archie Gemmill's super goal for Scotland against The Netherlands in 1978 and Northern Ireland's famous win against tournament hosts Spain in the 1982 group stages. The Beeb says it will pull out all the stops when broadcasts begin on May 30th by including additional text commentary as well as insight and comments from Gary Lineker and other "special guests." As usual, everything will be available across smartphone, tablet, laptop and connected TVs, letting you experience (or painfully remember) Diego Maradona's infamous 'Hand of God' moment as if it happened today.

[Image credit: diamond geezer, Flickr]