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Vertical Drop Heroes HD generates battles on May 20

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Life as a roguelike protagonist must be bleak - being born into adulthood without experiencing birthday parties, fighting increasingly brutal waves of enemies until their lone-warrior efforts are finally stomped out of existence ... it can't really be fulfilling. Maybe you can spare your Hero from the same fleeting fate in Vertical Drop Heroes HD, a randomly-generated roguelike due for PC and Mac on May 20.

Players will have 20 traits, 15 abilities and powers and 16 weapons to arm Heroes with, but anyone overwhelmed by Vertical Drop Heroes' mounting challenge can rope in a teammate via split screen or network-based co-op. What are you fighting for beyond a few more minutes of life for your Hero? The related press release teases the "truth behind the game," which conveniently lays beyond conquering the final boss.

Vertical Drop Heroes will cost $5 when it arrives on Good Old Games, Humble Store and Green Man Gaming. It's also currently up for vote on Steam Greenlight.

[Image: Nerdook Productions]

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Naples, FL April 29th -
Vertical Drop Heroes HDreleasing May 20th- GOG, Humble Store & GMG
After creating a portfolio of 25 flash games, clocking up over 50m million plays worldwide, (with over 25m on Kongregate alone) and requests from many fans, Nerdook is releasing his first full fat PC/Mac release on GOG & the Humble Store - May 20th for $5.

Vertical Drop Heroes HD is an epic, procedurally generated down scrolling platformer with RPG/Roguelike elements.

Game Info
Vertical Drop Heroes is a procedural platformer RPG hybrid with roguelike elements, where your hero adventures through randomly generated stages. Armed with a variety of skills and traits, you must use your cunning and reflexes to survive the dangers of each stage, until you face the final boss and uncover the truth behind the game!

Features randomly generated stages, enemies and bosses, resulting in a very replayable game, all coded and drawn by one person in that unique Nerdook style. Bring a friend and try the split-screen local co-op or play multiplayer games over a network. Also has full controller support! There are 20 Traits, 15 Abilities and 15 Powers in the game, 16 possible weapons

Format - PC/Mac
Genre - Platformer/RPG
Price - $5
Portals available on - GOG, Humble Store, Greenman Gaming

Some fun facts about unique hero combinations - so large that the numbers are pretty meaningless, but still fun.

Possible unique names = 82 x 63 = 5,166 names
Possible unique costumes + weapon combos = 3 x 6 x 13 x 29 = 108,576 combinations
Possible unique skill combinations = 20 x 19 x 15 x 15 = 85,500 combinations
Total possible unique heroes = 47,957,259,168,000With everything unlocked, you need to generate 48 TRILLION heroes before you find two identical ones.

Greenlight Link
Nerdook Website (with pre order)

What the community are saying about Nerdook

''Ridiculously addictive and deliberately designed to lower workplace productivity and cause sporadic shrieks and outlandish outbursts throughout numerous office spaces. Congrats." - Anthony Shelley on FB
"I really like a lot of your games. My favorite has to be Monster Slayers, but there are a ton of good ones." - wardensharp on Kongregate
"I've played all of Nerdook's games since they started coming out. I can't wait to try out this one!" - Nesden on VDH Greenlight
"I've always loved Nerdook's games. Each one was a new wonder to explore, which is not something everyone can say about any flash game maker. In fact, that's a rare thing to be said about any flash game maker EVER!" - Grand Master Kurfufles on VDH Greenlight
"I'm very excited about this game, I've followed nerdook since Zombies took my Daughter and it's been great seeing his skills in game development grow." - Sumoman40 on VDH Greenlight
"I've played the original and this is definitely a step up in many ways." -Fishman465 on VDH Greenlight
"Nerdook is one of my favourite game developer on Kongregate, and VerticalDrop Heroes is my #1 favourite, I played hours with that game. It's great to see the game getting to Steam" -Adam1224 on VDH Greenlight
""Nerdook does NOT make cheap, half-assed mobile games. He is an experienced and unusually talented Flash developer, and a truly important creative voice in the emerging indie culture of interactive entertainment." - Legerdemain on VDH Greenlight

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