Who I want to see in Warlords of Draenor: Gorgonna

I'm aware that Gorgonna would have been a young child on Draenor, if she was even born there at all. (Both Gorgonna and her sister Krenna grew up in the internment camps and could easily have been born during or even after the Second War.) I'm not talking about the alternate version of her - I'm talking about the Gorgonna who killed her own sister for the Horde, the one who took command of Conquest Hold when Nazgrim just stood there looking silly.

I don't have anything against Nazzy, mind you - he died for the Horde and all that - but Gorgonna displayed a knowledge of right and wrong and an ethical sense that the Horde desperately needs going into Warlords and one I'd very much like to see in action. The Horde is going to need seasoned commanders as it goes through the portal to Draenor, and Gorgonna would be a good choice.

Furthermore, she brings a backstory that's worth exploring - Gorgonna dueled her own sister, Krenna, to death when she believed her sister was out of control and taking actions to damage the Horde. Now, she didn't issue that challenge - Krenna did. And Gorgonna made at least three separate attempts to talk her way out of that fight. But Krenna wouldn't relent, and Gorgonna chose the Horde and her own beliefs over her sister. Which brings us to the reason Gorgonna should definitely go through the Dark Portal and to Draenor - because in our timeline, both of Gorgonna's parents drank the blood of Mannoroth, and in her own words committed horrible acts which included murdering innocents. On the other side of that portal lie those same parents, this time uncorrupted by the blood.

It's this possibility of exploring the consequences of not just Gorgonna's actions but those of her parents, both in her past and in this new reality, that bumps up my desire to see Gorgonna again. Because she will likely have to take arms against them - if they are members of the Iron Horde this time around, which seems likely if they drank the blood in our history. The only clan that didn't, the Frostwolves, is again the odd clan out, so it is unlikely Gorgonna's parents are Frostwolves and thus, won't be allied to the Horde. In essence, Gorgonna's story is one that could happen to many orc player characters, and thus, I think one that we could really use.

Also, to Gorgonna Draenor is at best a distant memory from early childhood, and more likely is a place she has never seen at all - having been born in the camps and grown up in Orgrimmar (and not having gone to Outland as far as I can tell from her and her sister's meeting with Garrosh Hellscream) Draenor is essentially an unknown to her. It's a mindset we haven't seen much from orcs, really - the rank and file orc born on Azeroth has no real connection to the place we're going, it's as alien to her as it is to any human despite being the world that the orcish people come from. If you're playing an orc now, you're likely playing one born on Azeroth, unless your character is about as old as Saurfang or Drek'thar. Gorgonna is of that same generation, and her experiences are fairly typical - a childhood spent in the camps, being mistreated for her parents' crimes, the escape and exodus to Kalimdor, living in the arid, inhospitable wastes of Durotar. She's a good everyorc.

It's this combination of factors - her family history, her personality, her upbringing and her woeful lack of use since Wrath that makes me believe we should see Gorgonna as an important figure in the Horde storyline in Warlords. This is someone who willingly killed her own sister for the Horde - what else would she sacrifice for it?