CleverPet makes every dog Pavlov's dog

Psychologist Ivan Pavlov conditioned dogs to salivate by ringing a bell, but maybe he should have made them play Simon instead. That's the idea behind CleverPet, a device that plans to train your dog to solve simple problems while you're at work. When it begins, all the pooch has to do is push a button to get food, with subsequent puzzles growing in difficulty until it's playing whack-a-mole with the light-up pads. It's the second smart pet device we've seen on Kickstarter in the last few weeks, with Kittyo offering a similar piece of kit for cat owners. CleverPet is currently half-way toward its $100,000 goal, but you can save $100 off the retail price if you make an early pledge of $160. Just be warned that it won't launch until February 2015, so best make sure your dog will still be in the "young and able to be taught tricks" bracket by then.