Epson's latest Android glasses finally arrive for the faithful few

We doubt that there's a horde of wearable fans jonesing for Epson's second-gen Moverio glasses -- not after Google's one-day Glass sale, anyway -- but they're at last available, several weeks behind schedule. Spend $700 and the just-shipping BT-200 headset will put a basic (and frankly decrepit) Android 4.0 interface in front of your eyes. It does have a few tricks up its sleeve that Google can't quite match, though. There's wireless video mirroring and Dolby Digital Plus surround sound; you'll also get long-overdue head-motion tracking and a camera whose LED makes it clear that you're recording. The new Moverio is far from reproducing the cachet (or social stigmas) of Google's eyepiece, but look at it this way: The money you save by skimping on trendier eyewear can be put toward nobler pursuits.