There's a new PlayStation Vita available in the US today: what you need to know

Look, we're not gonna review the PlayStation Vita again. Promise. Three times is enough, no? We think so too. But we do want to tell you that the second version of the PlayStation Vita is finally available in North America today -- it even comes in a bundle with Borderlands 2 for $200 -- and we want you to feel safe and secure in your purchase, should you choose to make one. So, is it worth it? In short: yes, yes it is. It's thinner; it's got rounded edges; and Sony's cut a ton of fat from the price as well. Head below for our full video review of the Japanese model, then jump into the Engadget database for specs, reviews from other publications and to discuss which games you're most excited about. It's Luftrausers, right? Come on, admit it.