Celebrate the end of WWII by killing your enemies in War Thunder

War Thunder - Wrecked P36

Gaijin wants you to celebrate the "peaceful time" at the ending of World War II by blowing the crap out of enemy planes and tanks in War Thunder.

May 7th marked the official end of WWII in Europe, while May 8th is remembered as Victory Day. To celebrate, Gaijin is holding its own Victory Day on May 10th and will be handing out extra Golden Eagles currency for match victories.

Starting today, you can earn a victory banner decal and access to the Ground Forces beta test by notching 60 kills and six match victories over the next four days. Five random aircraft will also see their purchase prices heavily discounted and "all the famous aircraft of WWII" will boast 30 percent repair cost discounts.

[Source: Gaijin press release]