Google starts selling Glass to anyone (in the US) with $1,500 to burn

There's no longer a need to attend a golf tournament or carefully log on for a one-day sale, as Google has just announced it's opening sales of the Glass headset to all (in the US). As long as they're in stock and you have $1,500, you too can join the beta Explorer program and be part of a nearby #glassnightout. Now that Glass is more widely available, Google is saying thank you to its first Explorers with a video (embedded after the break) asking some of them what being among the first to wear the device was like. A major consumer push (and hopefully lower price) is yet to come as the team keeps working on the hardware and software, but if you're not bothered by some rough edges / weird looks, it's just a click of the buy button away.

[Image credit: Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images]