Report: Multiplayer Flappy Bird swooping, crashing in August

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Report: Multiplayer Flappy Bird swooping, crashing in August
Dong Nguyen, the creator of viral sensation Flappy Bird, has reportedly told CNBC's Kelly Evans that the game will make a return in August, with new multiplayer-centric features. Evans tweeted the news earlier today, as did CNBC's social media team.

Nguyen took Flappy Bird down earlier this year, claiming it was addictive. How the addition of multiplayer would help solve that is anybody's guess, but this isn't the first time Nguyen has considered reviving his flappy phenomenon.

Back in March, when it was reported that 60 Flappy Bird clones were hitting the mobile market every day - that's 2.5 every hour, or one every 24 minutes - Nguyen said he would consider making the game available again, albeit with a warning that cautioned players to take a break from playing.
[Image: Dong Nguyen]
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