See if you're a spy or a sniper in new SpyParty trailer

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See if you're a spy or a sniper in new SpyParty trailer

There are two ways to be a successful spy. Option one: You blend into the crowd, wandering among civilians and your target inconspicuously – until you strike. Option two: You stand out, turning heads with a sexy swagger and distracting your victim with sensual charm. SpyParty is transitioning from spy option one, to option two. Rawr.

SpyParty is Chris Hecker's Turing Test simulator that has one player attempting to blend into a party full of computer-controlled characters, while another player tries to find the real human down the scope of a sniper rifle. The SpyParty website just got a facelift that better mirrors the new, wildly updated art style that will be in the final game. There, you can sign up for instant access to the beta, read about the SpyParty community and compare the before-and-after art styles.

Plus, we finally have a trailer for the game itself, rather than for specific features (also known as bugs).

"You'll notice this trailer is almost completely the old art and is completely in-game footage," Hecker says. "This is intentional, because the last thing I want is somebody watching some super polished pre-rendered trailer and then loading the game and feeling misled. Of course, this means the Spy pours a drink down her face in one shot because the runtime code for taking sips from a drink isn't aligned with the mouth properly in the old art. Oops."
[Image: Chris Hecker]
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