Cuba's first independent digital news will be sent via cellphones and flash drives

Cubans haven't had an above-ground, independent digital news outlet in their country so far -- not surprising when their government only allowed personal cellphone and computer sales six years ago. However, all that's set to change when blogger Yoani Sanchez launches her digital newspaper 14ymedio on May 21st. Rather than simply publish news on the web, the team will get the word out through whatever technology Cubans can use: cellphones, email, CDs and even USB flash drives are fair game.

The group is already getting some pushback from the Castro administration, which still treats criticism of the communist party as a criminal offense. However, 14ymedio's by-any-means-necessary approach to digital distribution could make censorship difficult; officials can't simply block a website or email address. Whether or not Sanchez' project lasts, it's a potentially important experiment in a land where networking tends to be either closely monitored or very unofficial.

[Image credit: AFP/Getty Images]