Let us fund your hardware dreams: Submit your project for the 2014 Insert Coin competition

It's May 16, and you know what that means? You only have 133 days to submit your Insert Coin entries and get the chance to win some serious cash to fund that childhood dream or that brilliant idea you just know will be huge. We want to hear about that innovative creation -- and we'd love if you can send it in before the submission deadline on September 26th.

Just like last year, the Judge's Choice will get a $10,000 prize, while the Reader's Choice will get $15,000. This time, though, we don't only accept pre-crowdfunded projects: those currently being crowdfunded or in their post-crowdfunding stages are very much welcome, as well. Engadget editors will also review the winning products to drum up interest and hopefully help you reach your funding goal like DiWire Bender and Ziphius (our first ever Insert Coin winner!) did in 2013.

Before we crown those two projects that embody the innovation we're looking for, however, we're first choosing 10 that stand out the most among the crowd. If you end up as one of the 10 semi-finalists, we're giving you Expand New York tickets, a $1,000 travel stipend, a space on the show floor and a chance to demo your invention in front of live and online audiences. Hopefully, you've got your stage fright under control by November to win both readers and judges over.

Now that we've got you pumped to share your brainchild with everyone, get that project ready for victory and head over to our submission page.