Extended canines confirmed for new night elf model

Anne Stickney
A. Stickney|05.18.14

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Extended canines confirmed for new night elf model
Night elf players concerned with the new model released earlier this week can breathe a sigh of relief -- your canines will be pointy as they should be. A tweet from Senior Art Director Chris G. Robinson confirmed that the models released for the latest round of Artcraft were an earlier iteration, and later versions of the model have the pronounced canines usually found on kaldorei.

Lest anyone get too panicky about the models being shown in each edition of Artcraft, Community Manager Bashiok hopped on the forums to further clarify what's going on with the new models being shown.

We're continually iterating the models, and Artcraft is specifically intended to show a behind-the-scenes look at our process. While we try to make things look as polished as possible, it's still a snapshot look at what is usually a process that continues to go on for several months. The female Human, which was the first model we showed through Artcraft, has continued to have tweaks and refinements since we showed her. Similarly, the female Night Elf shown today is an in-progress version, and the current model we're working with does have pronounced canines.

It's a good reminder that yes, Blizzard is still in alpha mode and no, not everything we're being shown at the moment has been finalized. The Artcraft segments are a really good look into the process behind the new model revamps and how they are coming along -- but they are by no means the completed product. That final product will be the one we see when the expansion is released and we're playing with those new models firsthand. Until then, the glimpses we are being given are just that -- glimpses -- and should be viewed as such. That said, I'm pleased to see that the night elf model has been given the extended canines she was missing. Now let's just hope they give us a look at the male night elves next.

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