Kim Jong-un rides a fiery steed to victory in Glorious Leader

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Kim Jong-un rides a fiery steed to victory in Glorious Leader

With a title like Glorious Leader, you probably already guessed that developer Moneyhorse Games has created a game centering on North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, but there's no way you could've predicted the rest of this thing.

Slated for release on the PC at some point "soon," Glorious Leader borrows the basic run and gun gameplay of Contra, but in place of hyper-masculine American soldiers fighting an alien menace, Glorious Leader sees a slightly pudgy Kim Jong-un and long-since-retired NBA legend Dennis Rodman fighting off an invasion of North Korean capital Pyongyang. Exactly who is invading is never specified, but there is a moment in that trailer where Kim Jong-un sets off a series of explosions that ignite the American flag, so we feel safe in assuming that this odd couple isn't fighting for truth, justice and the rest of Superman's mantra.

With such an audacious premise, it's natural to wonder what the developers were thinking when crafting this concept, but in an email sent to The Daily Dot, Moneyhorse Games repeatedly claims to have been tapped by the North Korean government to create this game. Moneyhorse "did not choose to make a project about North Korea, we were chosen," the developer claims, later saying that Glorious Leader is "the chance of a lifetime to bring light to the West from his Holiness' eternal flame."

Whether that's true remains to be seen, but if a little-known studio were trying to gain quick exposure by offending as many people as possible, burning the American flag is a pretty solid start.
[Image: Moneyhorse]
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