NBA 2K14 promo offers rare Nikes exclusively to virtual ballers

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NBA 2K14 promo offers rare Nikes exclusively to virtual ballers
Acquiring the latest pair of Nikes used to be a simple process, requiring either lots of money or a handgun and poor impulse control. Would-be owners of Nike's special limited edition version of the LeBron 11, however, need to prove their skills on the virtual hardwoods of NBA 2K14 before the athletic wear giant will even deign to take their cash.

Officially dubbed the "LeBron 11 2K14," the kicks you see above are essentially the same as the existing LeBron 11 line, only with a new (intensely gaudy) color scheme and a limited run of 2,014 pairs. To earn the right to pre-order a pair, players must spend roughly 80 hours with NBA 2K14, while completing at least 60 games in MyCareer Mode, earning an elite ranking and designing your own shoe in the Nike Innovation Kitchen, among other tasks. Once that's been completed, virtual ballers will then be allowed to give Nike $220 for the privilege of sporting basketball shoes with baffling tiger stripes and a gold Nike swoosh that would not seem out of place hanging from the neck of Rick Ross.

Before you rush off to earn new shoes in the virtual NBA, you should know that despite the odd requirements for pre-ordering the LeBron 11 2K14, Nike has already selected owners for all 2,014 pairs. If you're among that lucky group, Nike should be sending you a notification shortly, and your shoes will follow quickly after.
[Image: Nike]
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