Is this Samsung's Galaxy S5 Prime?

When a $600 smartphone isn't considered "premium," then we're all in deep, deep trouble. That's the problem facing Samsung's Galaxy S5, however, with scores of people hoping that an even more expensive version of the flagship is lurking just around the corner. The folks over at PhoneArena are showing off an image of what purports to be the "Galaxy S5 Prime," apparently packing a QHD display and some spec bumps to ensure it remains a few Snapdragon model numbers ahead of its immediate rivals. The other big alleged difference is that the handset will come with an aluminum body, in the hope of luring back any customers who are drawn towards the HTC One's shinier chassis. Naturally, there's no proof that such a device actually exists, but the images do show some subtle differences compared to the regular GS5 we know today: The optical blood pressure monitor appears to sit behind the same glass panel as the camera sensor, and there's no speaker grille on the lower-left quarter of the rear case. All in all, we're going to file this in the "we'll believe it when we see it" box, since even Samsung wouldn't be crazy enough to replace its flagship just months after launch, would it?