Table Tennis Touch should be twice as expensive as it is

table tennis touch

Four U.S. dollars isn't a whole lot of money. It's what many people pay for a cup of specialty coffee on their way to work every day, and it will barely get you a gallon of gas, but App Store dollars work a bit differently. In the App Store, four dollars is a fortune, and if you're putting a price tag like that on a game, it better be downright phenomenal or you'll risk a total and utter flop. Table Tennis Touch is US$3.99, and I can't believe that's all they're charging for a game like this.

As you can probably guess based on its name, Table Tennis Touch is a table tennis game... that you touch. Your finger is your paddle and you swipe at the screen in order to send the tiny sphere to the other side of the table, but this simple mechanic is much more remarkable than it might sound.

You see, table tennis isn't normally a game that translates very well to a virtual setting. It's a game where depth perception is absolutely paramount, and playing the game on a 2D touchscreen isn't usually very doable. Table Tennis Touch conquers this obstacle with its fantastic camera work, which pans back and forth and always puts you directly in line with the ball as it makes its way towards you. There's also always a shadow beneath the ball which aids in helping you time the perfect swipe.

Speaking of the visuals, this game is gorgeous. Everything from the table to the paddles, to the arenas you play in are ridiculously detailed and rendered in full 3D. Glossy gym floors have sexy reflection, windows cast streams of light into the background, and the game runs super smooth regardless of how fast-paced the action becomes.

table tennis touch

In terms of game modes, you can play quick games or tournaments against computer opponents of various skill levels, and while you'll never see your foe on the other side of the table -- you only ever see their floating paddle -- their different styles make each match unique. There's also an arcade mode which provides various skill tests and other fun minigames that will both test you and help you improve.

As I mentioned above, the game is priced at a hefty $3.99, but it's so fully featured and robust that it's more than worth it. The only in-app purchases come in the form of a "Boost" spray that gives you a bit of a performance boost and an Arcade Key that unlocks all the Arcade skill games immediately without having to play through them first.

If you're a fan of table tennis, this game should already be on your iPhone or iPad, and even if you're not, it's good enough that you'll likely enjoy it on its own merits. The only drawback here is that those with especially old devices (iPhone 4 or older, and the original iPad) won't be able to play due to the game's high graphical demands. But for anyone with an iPad 2, iPhone 4s, or newer device, it's an unbeatable app that deserves your attention.