New eye-tracking glasses show others what you're looking at in real time

Researchers and marketers often want to know what catches your eye, whether it's players on the basketball court or just a new shampoo at the store. They may have an easier time figuring this out with Tobii's latest eye-tracking headset, the Tobii Glasses 2. Besides providing a much wider field of view than the original eyewear, the new design has a front-facing 1080p camera that lets observers see whatever you're focused on in real time -- they'll know right away if something gets your attention. The four eye-facing cameras and new software also offer more precise gaze data than the last time around.

As with Tobii's earlier glasses, you won't be buying a personal pair any time soon. At a minimum $14,900 price, the hardware is really meant for product developers, sports teams and others who could easily earn back the expense. All the same, the technology could still make a big impact on your life -- whether it's livelier packaging at the shop or better performance from your favorite athlete.