Oculus Rift is coming to... Chuck E. Cheese's?

Emily Price
E. Price|05.21.14

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Oculus Rift is coming to... Chuck E. Cheese's?

Sure, a spin in the ol' ticket grabber machine on your birthday can be fun, but trying to capture the small pieces of paper as they whiz by your head? That's a lot of work. Luckily, Chuck E. Cheese's is offering a new, less physical way to reach prize station glory using Oculus Rift. The pizza party giant is offering a "Virtual Ticket Blaster Experience" at parties for the guest of honor that uses the VR headset to simulate the high-speed grabbing experience.

To play, kids will strap on Oculus Rift and collect virtual tickets by focusing a digital target on them. Oddly, the experience will still take place in the traditional chamber with paper versions blowing around – you just won't grab them. Also worth noting, Oculus doesn't recommend the headset being used by children under 10, and currently prohibits its use for commercial purposes. That said, a six-week test of the high-tech game is launching today in Dallas with expansions headed to Orlando and San Diego later this month. Our biggest worry about the technology? We won't be able to grab tickets quite as fast, and will have to waste all our tokens on Skee-Ball to score that mammoth water gun.

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