Sleep Number's smart bed series now has a $1,000 entry-level mattress

Even if you're resting, your Sleep Number mattress probably won't be. We heard about the company's smart beds back in CES 2014 (if you can remember that far back), but now the tech inside the firm's premium model is being shared among the entire bed series.. The SleepIQ software inside apparently registers movement, breathing and heart rate around 500 times each second. Those brains previously commanded a premium: the X12 model clocked in at around $6,000. Starting this week, however, mattresses featuring the tech will start at a slightly more modest $1,000. Metrics for both you and your partner can be beamed to tablets, smartphones and PCs where you can log exercise, caffeine... and the rest of life's mundanities. And who knows? Poring over said data could also prove to be its own sleeping aid.