Homebrew server keeps Nintendo DS and Wii games online

Nintendo may have pulled the plug on internet multiplayer services for the DS and Wii, but that doesn't mean that you'll be stuck playing their games offline from here on out. Enterprising fans have launched an unofficial Wi-Fi Connection server that lets matchmaking and other core services work (almost) the way they did before the cutoff. In many cases, it's relatively easy to set things up. The DS usually works just by changing the handheld's connection settings; Wii owners, meanwhile, have to run some software from an SD card for the magic to happen.

Having said this, the solution is far from flawless. The developers have only tested a handful of titles so far, and a few releases (including Mario Kart DS) need some modified device firmware to fully support online play. There's also the matter of scale: enthusiasts just aren't going to replicate Nintendo's capacity, so don't be surprised if the server melts under a heavy load. If you're absolutely determined to play Metroid Prime Hunters or Endless Ocean with your internet buddies, though, this may be your best bet.