Apple's iPad trade-in program extends to France, Germany, Spain, and the UK

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This past April, Apple expanded its recycling program in North America to include any product the company has released. In addition, owners of older generation iPads could trade in their devices for credit towards a newer model.

Now the program has been expanded to include more countries around the world including France, Germany, Spain, and the UK. Initially only the USA and Canada were eligible. Of course there are a few catches; currently Apple only issues trade-in credit for second, third, and fourth generation iPads, or first generations iPad minis. Users with a current generation iPad Air or mini cannot trade-in their devices at the moment for store credit.

Even without getting a trade-in credit towards a new product, it's a wise idea to take your obsolete or dead Apple products to the company for recycling. Improperly discarded electronics are a major environmental hazard due to the toxic materials used in manufacturing, and the problem is growing every year. Do your part and recycle your old gear, even if you can't get trade-in credit for your troubles.