The Daily Grind: Do you report other players?

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|05.24.14

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The Daily Grind: Do you report other players?
I have a few social rules that I follow when I'm in any MMO. I am courteous to other players and helpful when I can be. I stay the heck out of political, religious, or World of Warcraft-themed "debates" in general chat. I resist correcting others' grammar or mocking them for a poorly chosen name. And if someone is being verbally abusive to anyone, I report them.

Maybe that makes me a narc, a thin-skinned snitch who's just waiting to tattle on anyone with a potty mouth. Actually, I don't care if you swear, but there are certain words and phrases meant to put others down that cross a line with me. Communities should be better than that, and that's why I have no problem hitting the report button now and then.

Do you report other players for things apart from gold selling site spam? If so, what's your threshold?

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