Titanfall 360 patch arrives with match tweaks, crash fixes in tow

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Titanfall 360 patch arrives with match tweaks, crash fixes in tow
Players will no longer be able to crash an entire server with a well-timed satchel charge in the Xbox 360 iteration of Titanfall thanks to a newly-issued update courtesy developer Respawn Entertainment.

Prior to this patch, if a player were to place a satchel charge on a departing enemy dropship, they could crash the entire server and disconnect all players by detonating the device after the ship had warped away. Now, the charge will have no effect as it will vanish alongside the departing ship.

Though that issue is the highlight of the patch, numerous other changes are listed in Respawn's patch notes. For instance, Private Matches will now require only two players to be locked and loaded prior to launch, instead of the six required previously. Further, player experience point tallies have been adjusted to display properly after rolling past Gen 10, and team colors will now appear more clearly on the game's mini-map.

For a full rundown of the update's changes, take a look at the official Titanfall website. Or, if you'd rather dive in and examine things for yourself, you can grab the patch from Xbox Live at no additional cost.
[Image: Respawn Entertainment]
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