Card-based zombie RPG Deadman's Cross tops 3 million downloads

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Card-based zombie RPG Deadman's Cross tops 3 million downloads
Square Enix has struck gold in the free-to-play, mobile gaming market with Deadman's Cross, a roleplaying game where players battle hordes of the undead using their wits and a lethal deck of cards.

A semi-sequel to the similarly free-to-play Guardian Cross, Deadman's Cross has been downloaded over three million times since its debut this past winter. To celebrate, the publisher has unveiled a "Triple Platinum" celebration, during which players will receive a bonus of 300 Deadman coins and the chance to earn special "Gold-Plated Boost Items." The celebration runs from May 27 to June 1, and while those bonus coins are a one-time offer, players will be granted a new chance at those Gold-Plated Boost Items each day until the festivities draw to a close.

If this has suddenly piqued your interest in the game, you can download your own copy of Deadman's Cross via the iTunes App Store or Google Play. As with all free-to-play games, it won't cost a dime to acquire the game, though Square Enix would be delighted if you'd spend real cash on the numerous in-game purchases available to virtual zombie hunters.
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LOS ANGELES (May 22, 2014) – Square Enix, Inc., the publisher of SQUARE ENIX® interactive entertainment products in the Americas, is thrilled to announce that its zombie-themed collectible card battle RPG, DEADMAN'S CROSS™ has now exceeded three million downloads worldwide.

A special Triple Platinum celebration commemorates this milestone, offering rewards to all players and the chance to win special Gold-Plated Boost Items via the Triple Platinum l Quest and Weekly Quest.

Players who play the game before midnight on Monday, May 26th, will receive a special bonus reward of 300 Deadman coins.

Scheduled to run from Tuesday, May 27th to Sunday June 1st, the Triple Platinum Daily Special Quest will give players the chance to win one of six Gold-Plated Boost Items everyday during the special Triple Platinum period.

Finally, the reward for tackling the Weekday Quest on Tuesday, May 27th to Friday, May 30th and on Monday, June 2nd will be one of the six Gold-Plated Boost Items.

To download DEADMAN'S CROSS for free, visit the game's app store pages here: iTunes and Google Play.
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