ESO spotlights player-made Thunder Thief build

Shawn Schuster
S. Schuster|05.27.14

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ESO spotlights player-made Thunder Thief build
The Elder Scrolls Online
The folks at Zenimax and Bethesda are spotlighting particularly powerful builds created by Elder Scrolls Online players, and this week, a player named Ramon Paulino de Castro sent in a detailed build of his Sorcerer he calls the Thunder Thief.

This build uses dual blades and medium armor, along with a focus on high damage in short bursts. Primary skills include Whirlwind for multiple foes, Surge for its lightning power, Mage's Fury to cause bleeding and recharge magicka, Flurry for a single enemy, and Lightning Form (with Thundering Presence) to resist damage.

Take a look at the entire build in today's Battlemaster's Corner, and submit your own builds to
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