You can now buy Battlefield 4 item packs with real money

Battlefield 4 developer DICE is now opening up the option for players to purchase in-game content using real money. Starting today, the game's three types of battlepacks can be picked up; $1 for Bronze packs, $2 for Silver ones and $3 for Gold packs. Battlepack tiers vary in the number and rarity of the items within, bronze packs including three items while the gold battlepacks feature five. The packs will still be awarded to players through regular gameplay progression.

In-game goodies found in the packs include accessories, knives, profile pictures, emblem shapes, dog tags, experience point boosts and paints The battlepacks are available to purchase through Origin, the developer's Battlelog site, Battlefield 4's in-game store as well as through the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Store. The next game in the series is reportedly known as Battlefield Hardline and is being developed by Visceral Games, according to assets leaked by EA earlier today.

[Image: Electronic Arts]